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Friday, November 27, 2009

Boudoir Sessions Available (Northville Michigan, Boudoir Photographer)

Hi everyone! I hope that each and every one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving. I did. My fiance, Ryan, and I had a wonderful family dinner at my Aunt Jo's house. It was a beautiful day- great food, the best company ever and Soooo much to be thankful for. My family is a blessing. And so is my relationship with my fiance. I think successful relationships are a gift- they should be appreciated and celebrated. I believe that certain people are in our lives for a special reason.

This is one of the reasons I do boudoir photography.
BUT..... I do NOT post pictures from these sessions on my website and/or blog. I respect that the images taken at these sessions are for the eyes of your significant other only.

I have recently added information to my site with my "G- rated" image below:

Boudoir sessions are popular these days! Females WANT to give their significant others classy, sexy images of them. Why not? Oh, and for those who are a bit anxious about modeling lingerie.... now, please... keep in mind that I do retouch images ;) NO worries. Little flaws are all erased. LOL.

We can schedule these sessions at a nearby hotel and/or your home. I even do very limited amounts of Boudoir Session Parties- please inquire!!! You and a small group of friends can all get in on the fun. :)

With every Boudoir Session a "Little Black Book" (5X7 black leather album of photos) is included. These make INCREDIBLE gifts. They are perfect for his:

  • Wedding gift
  • Valentines Day gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Christmas present
  • Birthday surprise
  • or ....just to celebrate womanhood

Did I say they make INCREDIBLE gifts? They do! Guys Loooooooooooove them.

Oh, and .....Yep, I am a female so that means you can feel extra comfortable taking these pics with me. I do not show them to other people or display them anywhere. And I have some fun props to use as well. You will look amazing in the images. :)

I also have stylists available who, for a small fee, can bring out your beauty like you would not believe. Lots of optional talent available. Send me a note to plan your session today.

Don't wait- availability is limited!!!


* Coming up pre-holiday blog posts- probably a couple of model sessions, a newborn shoot, perhaps a family or two...... and probably some sort of holiday give-a-way. Stay tuned. December will be busy for me but I will do my best to keep you all posted.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kelsey in the Country (Ann Arbor, MI Model Photographer)

A few days ago I met up with one of my favorite models to work with, Kelsey. You may remember her from this shoot. This time I got to work with her as a blond. ;) We met out at a farm area that had lots of open fields. I wanted to give her some western sort of images for her portfolio. Have a look:

Yea, can you say GORGEOUS???

Kels also brings a lot of enthusiasm to the shoot. I think I was laughing the entire time. Seriously.

Great to see and work with you again, girl. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Keep in touch! :)

** Yes, it is true. I will be holding a mini-workshop (2day) in late May for photographers. It is limited to the first few people to sign up. The focus will be on working with models/stylists, location selection, posing, perspectives and communication IN THE FIELD. This session will be beneficial to photographers who do creative Senior or Bridal photography as well. Cost is $700 which includes the model/stylist fees and lunch both days.
Send me a note for more info. at jenlynnalder@aol.com or on Facebook.
Thanks!!!! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Modeling with Maria (Northville MI Model Photographer)

What a treat it was to work with local model, Maria A. She was looking to add a little zest to her modeling portfolio so we got together recently and worked on some less traditional shots. Have a look:

Isn't she gorgeous?? I just love her eyes.

Her cousin rocked the makeup application, too! Loved the blues.

Maria has been dancing for years and also does choreography
And ...I think she looks great in pink.
Loved working with you girl. Keep in touch!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alexandra (Detroit Michigan Model Photographer)

So yesterday afternoon I met up with an amazing model named Alex. I had been wanting to work with her for quite some time and after a few rescheduled dates we finally got the opportunity. Isn't she stunning?

I wanted to give her a couple of standard black and white head shots for her portfolio:

I had an artistic urge and just went with it on this one.... a bit of Photoshop drama, I suppose.
And here is a mini-series of the shots we took in a nearby alley.
Thanks a ton, Alexandra, for hanging out with me yesterday. It was fabulous to meet and work with you- can't wait to do it again! Loved it :)
*Oh, and I thought it would be a good time to mention this. By request, I am going to be holding a 2day in-the-field sort of "mini-workshop" in late May for photographers. It is limited to the first few people to sign up. It will be an actual hands on workshop focusing on working with models/stylists, location selection, posing, perspectives, and communication. This session will also benefit anyone who does creative Senior Portrait Photography and untraditional Bridal work.
Cost is $700 per person, which includes the model/stylist fees and lunch both days.
If you are interested in signing up, just send me a note at jenlynnalder@aol.com or on Facebook.

Have a fabulous day everyone! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dedicated Modeling (Ann Arbor, Michigan- Model Photographer)

You know you are working with a dedicated model when she shows up in a mini-dress to work outdoors in 40 degree weather (and never complains!!). Amy C. did just that... she hired me to take pictures of her in the snow actually- but this November has been warmer than most. LOL. She did an amazing job. Her stylist and boyfriend joined us for our alley shoot and we all had a really good time. I tried to work as fast as possible because she was shaking a bit.

Here is what we accomplished in our short time working together. I tried to give her images a little dramatic edge:

Doesn't Stacy do a great job with hair? And here are some cleaner headshots- isn't she beautiful?? The last one is just for fun ;)

I hope to work with you all again sometime! Keep in touch :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a Girl ! (Detroit, Michigan Event Photographer)

My beautiful cousin, Nicole, is expecting a little princess! Yay! She is due in mid December. My sisters, Mother and myself hosted a baby shower for her this past Saturday. It was lots of fun. We are so happy for her and hope she had a fabulous day. Although I was playing a hostess role, I did still try to grab lots of quick shots so that she could have them as a keepsake. Check out some of the images below.

The theme was It's a girl/Fantasy where we had a princess castle cake, hanging fairies, butterflies, pink boas and a glass bulb centerpiece. The colors were pink and silver. For games and lunch, the guests were seated at 4 large round tables (of 10) at my Mom's home.
And here is the amazing Princess Castle Cake, made by my Mom! Although it was hard to watch her cut and serve such a beautiful creation, the dessert tasted absolutely amazing. Loved this:
We wanted to have a couple of games where the guests could interact with Nicole without being too cheesy or complicated. The good ole "measure her belly" with pink yarn game was our first choice. I did offer a hint to the crowd that she was pretty tiny and not much yarn would be needed for the circumference of her waist ;)

In the end, there were two winners- and both of the 2 winning ladies guessed it exactly. wow!
The second game was a "Mom's favorite recipe" game whereby each guest received a Recipe Card and was asked to share a favorite recipe from their Mom (or as a mom themselves) with the Mom-to-be. The cards were collected and placed in a small book for the guest of honor. The winning guests at this party game were the three who included chicken as the main ingredient- because chicken is Nicole's favorite food. Winners of both games received leather photo albums, boxes of artistic note cards and a Yankee Candle jar.

After the games were completed, Nicole and her Mother sat together and opened gifts. There sure were a ton of them!!

And Megan acted so helpful by recording the gifts per guest so that Nicole would have an easier time with thank you cards. What a cutie she is. :)

When the gift opening was over the guests all enjoyed a late lunch. On the menu was chicken breasts, Caesar/Greek salads, potatoes, various fruits, fresh breads- chocolates, jello, and cake.

And here are a few more candids of the fam/guests-

Ok, there were no pics of me here so I yanked this one off of Facebook,cropped, changed to b/w. I am not positive which relative took it, but thanks! :)

A great day, it was. And we are all excited to meet this little princess of yours, Nicole....
Thanks for stopping by !!!! Stay tuned for future posts.

I will have some new model & boudoir stuff to share over the next week. :)


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